What Did Justin Say On Golf Course?

What Did Justin Say On Golf Course?

Golf is always looked upon as an elite sport, especially because of the amount of money that the players earn.

Well, it’s obvious what did Justin say on golf course wasn’t funny to a lot of people — and we’d have to agree. Unfortunately, the homophobic slur has been widely heard after Justin Thomas’ outburst.

Justin was having a good game during the tournament until he lost his temper and used a homophobic slur after missing a shot. Later on, people were heard talking about what did Justin say on golf course as it was in top search queries due to the widespread criticism he faced on social media.

Suddenly, homophobic meme and jokes about Justin started trending online which led to more people knowing about the incident.

Thomas released an apology statement soon after the incident trying to defend himself by saying that he didn’t mean any harm and it was just a heat-of-the-moment thing.

It’s clear that Justin Thomas made a big mistake by using a homophobic slur on the golf course at the tournament. This type of language is not tolerated in society and it’s important for everyone to be aware of the power words can have. We hope that Justin has learned from this experience and that he will be more mindful in the future.

What Did Justin Say On Golf Course?

He used the F-word–a homophobic slur–by accident, according to his own admission. He was unaware, though, that he was speaking into a microphone.
But soon he realized the depth of his error. With social media going crazy and the backlash against him growing. His failure to convert a 5-foot putt at the tournament led to a backlash.

It’s surprising how a top-class golf player, currently the world’s No 3, managed to lose his temper and say something so discriminatory that was picked up by a mic. Even though homophobic slurs are not uncommon, there appears to be more aware of proper conduct.

Golf enthusiasts were ecstatic over this incident and were eager to know exactly what exactly did Justin say on golf course.

Who is Golfer Justin Thomas?

Justin Thomas is a professional American golfer born on April 29, 1993.

He is a professional golfer who hails from the United States. He is a competitor in the PGA Tour and had his first professional win in 2014, after turning pro in 2013. He was informed about the incident soon after finishing his round.

How Justin Thomas Responded to This Incident – Did He Deeply Apologize?

Justin Thomas gave an apology for his comment which was deemed inappropriate. Tour officials also cited that he went on stating that the comment was wrong and inexcusable. He added that he would not back off from a deserving apology.

He deeply apologizes for using the F-word but adds that as an adult, there is no need to justify his words. And he also calls his own thoughts terrible.

As soon as the public noticed his action, Justin Thomas faced a massive storm on social media, where he got bashed. But the American golfer has not been showing any signs of annoyance. He accepted his mistake and apologized for it.

From his latest comments, it is quite clear that Justin Thomas was extremely embarrassed and felt very sorry for his action and will try to play more fair from now on.

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On January 10, He Also Said!

Days after Thomas’s apology, he explains the situation once again. He states that the incident was a top priority for him even when fighting for his seat.

On that day, he told the reporters how sad he felt and that the call was terrible. He wasn’t thinking only about winning the golf tournament, as he typically does. The previous night had been filled with guilt and lots of other things due to the incident—that’s how he felt.

He also mentioned that people usually grow and mature over time, and he hoped to learn from the incident in order to improve himself. He said it was a past matter and that he could not change the situation, so all he could do was feel sorry for it and work harder in the future.

The Biggest Sponsors Justin Thomas Dropped Him Off & Also Face Penalty.

After Golf pro Justin Thomas made a homophobic remark, the PGA Tour decided to take action. However, because there is no rule requiring a golfer to disclose penalties, the public cannot know how severe his punishment will be.

However, apart from the incident, it was also announced that Ralph Lauren dropped Thomas, along with other sponsors, for his remarks. Ralph Lauren decision was a clear indication that homophobia and Justin’s comment would not be tolerated by sponsors.

It was clear that the incident would have a negative effect on Thomas’ career; however, some observers believed he should not be excoriated for the remarks.

Justin’s comment was unacceptable and, if we are to rid the sport of homophobia, he needs to be punished. It will be interesting to see what punishment is meted out by the PGA Tour as well as whether Thomas’ other sponsors decide to take action.

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It happened at the Sentry Tournament Of Champions.

It started, when the Sentry Tournament of Champions began. Justin Thomas was playing the third round at Maui’s Plantation course when he shot himself out of contention. Justin was seen slamming his club into the ground before using a homophobic slur under his breath. However, it was picked up by a microphone and spread across social media like wildfire. He immediately realized what he said on a course at the Sentry tournament of champions and apologized to those within earshot as well as issued an apology on Twitter.

Final Words – What Did Justin Thomas Say At The Century

Overall, you don’t need to be a Justin Thomas or a golfer to learn from this incident about what did Justin say homophobic in the Sentry tournament of champions. We have all been in similar positions where anger gets the best of us. In these situations, it is best that you don’t say anything that can leave a permanent mark and hurt others.

Yes, it seems unbelievable and extremely embarrassed. Yes, we are sure, many of you will be shocked to read the news. But it’s true that Kyle Thompson reacted to a perceived slight, even if it was accidental – on a golf course and decided to verbally abuse and use F***k. The rant which is still going viral on social media has sparked another debate in the golfing community about etiquette and sportsmanship.

Friends, let’s learn to be more careful and respectful of how we communicate. I’m sure each of us has something important or meaningful to say; it’s just a matter of being cognizant that we choose our words carefully. After all, a well-crafted phrase is as beautifully spoken as it is written.

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