How Much Does it Cost to Regrip Golf Clubs?

How Much Does it Cost to Regrip Golf Clubs?

If you’re a golfer and you want to regrip your golf clubs, you may be wondering how much does it cost to regrip golf clubs.

Golfers who are looking to improve their game should consider regripping their own golf clubs. It’s surprising how much of a difference it can make in your game.

The cost of golf club regrips is relatively low, especially when you consider how much more effective your game will be with your new grips.

The cost of regripping golf clubs is $3 per club on average, though it can vary widely depending on what kind of grip material you use. A set of 13 golf grips will set you back about $80, full set of clubs can cost up to $120, though some buyers may buy a grip for each individual club.

You can also opt to regrip clubs at home with an adhesive that comes in a small bottle and allows you to do the job yourself. The only downside: adhesive isn’t quite as durable as tennis tape, which is another option if you don’t mind going through the work.

Bottom line: Regripping your own clubs can save you money if you have time to do it yourself.

Benefits of Regripping Golf Clubs

Regripping golf clubs is beneficial because it allows golfers to extend the life of their clubs. Golf club grips can wear down quickly if you use the clubs a lot. As a result, they will not work as well over time. The act of regripping clubs involves taking the old grips off and replacing them with new ones.

Here’s a quick look at the benefits of regripping golf clubs.


The marks on your golf club’s grip might seem insignificant, but they actually do serve a purpose. They allow you to align your club so you can hit the ball correctly. If this is not a problem for you, then your experience level may not justify a re-grip job.

But, if you are a beginner, you need all the help you can get. The proper grip will help build your confidence level, which will allow you to play more confidently and score better results.

If you notice that you are having problems aligning your hands and the club, you might want to consider changing your grip. There are a number of clubs in your bag that can be used with an old grip, so it allows you to select which clubs to re-grip first. You may read also the review of Best Golf Gloves for Sweaty Hands

Better Grip

To keep control of your golf club, you need a secure grip. A secure grip on your club is important. A club that’s difficult to hold and control is a club that seldom gets used.

Regripping golf clubs can do a lot to improve your game. It can help reduce the friction in your club, which promotes more power. You will feel more comfortable and confident when playing with an optimally gripped club. It is also easier to regrip than you think, although it may be smart to have a professional assist you.


Since personal preference governs the entire selection process and golfers have different tastes, you may be able to simply replace the old grips with a new set. If you didn’t get your golf clubs from an official store or buy them from a friend, you may want to consider regripping them.

If the grip on your golf club is in good condition and it helps with the alignment which is necessary, you may like to keep the grip. However, some golfers prefer a firmer grip or a softer touch of the grip. You can test different types of grips, but you may want to pay to regrip your club if your club performs better with a new one.

Most people are unaware that they can regrip golf clubs. Most just toss and buy new ones. However, there are two main reasons why regripping is a highly recommended option. The first reason is comfort. A lot of golfers think the only factors affecting grip comfort relate to the size of their hands or their preference in grip size. Actually, another important factor is the surface of the grip. The other reason to regrip a club is performance. Regripping improves overall performance because fresh grips have less friction between your forearms and the grip.

Should You Take Your Club to a Professional?

Are you considering regripping your golf club? Perhaps you’ve found that you’re not scoring as well, and want to learn why regripping clubs can help you out. This is something a professional is best suited for, so if you go about this yourself, there’s a chance it will mess up your club. Let’s explore a few ways a pro can help you with regripping clubs. You may read also 5 Wood vs 3 Hybrid: Which One Should You Carry?

It will save your time

Hiring a professional will save you time. If you’re busy with work or family commitments and don’t have time for DIY projects, or if you have no interest in learning how to regrip your own clubs, this is an excellent solution.

Secondly, if you’re nervous about stripping your old grip down and installing a new one, leaving the job to someone else can be reassuring. If there’s something that doesn’t seem right about the grip or the shaft, they’ll know what to look for and how to fix it quickly before sending the club back to you. You’ll also feel better knowing that your golf club is in experienced hands.

They can remove the old grip easily

A professional knows how to remove an old grip from a golf club quickly and efficiently. This is important because if the old grip isn’t removed properly, it can damage the shaft of the club or make it difficult for any new grip to stay in place.

They know which grips are best

When you bring your clubs in to have them regripped, the professional may ask questions about your game and how your clubs feel when they’re used. They’ll then give you suggestions on which grips are best for those who play as you do and who have similar needs when it comes to their clubs’ uses. This helps ensure that you get the right grip for your needs instead of just choosing one at random or selecting one based on looks alone. You may read also what does cadet mean in golf gloves?

They’ll make sure the grips are secure

If you try to put new grips on your clubs without any experience doing so, there could be problems with those grips coming loose over time or even with them breaking off during use. However, a professional will know how to put on the grips so that they stay in place and do not come off even after using them many times.

You will have Quality work done by professionals

When you take your club to get repaired by a professional, they’ll likely use original parts and materials to fix it up. Many golfers make the mistake of trying to regrip their own clubs, only to end up damaging them even more in the process.

If something goes wrong, you can bring it back and the professional can fix it for free, whereas a DIY job might be harder to fix properly if things go wrong. If you try to regrip your own clubs, then there is a good chance that your swing won’t feel the same as before.

Cost to regrip golf clubs

The cost of golf club re-gripping can vary with each location, as some regions charge more for these services. While high end stores offer efficient and skilled workers, the cost can significantly go up. You can save money by taking your clubs to a local or online store. You may check out the ultimate guide on best golf clubs for beginners to intermediate

Reasons for Re-Gripping Golf Clubs

Golf is a game of skill, finesse and timing. In order to be successful at golf, you need to have the correct grip on your clubs. When your clubs are not gripped correctly, you can lose control of the club as you swing it and as it makes contact with the ball. This can lead to a poor golf shot and even a potential personal injury.

Worn grips can be caused by several factors including:

  • Age: The rubber material that most golf grips are made of deteriorates over time and use. If they are not taken care of properly, the grip can become cracked and worn down.
  • Weather: Over time, weather conditions such as rain, snow and heat may also contribute to deterioration or cracking of the grips.
  • Club Style: The style of club you have can also determine how long the grips last or if they need an additional layer of protection. For example, woods may require more cushioning than irons so they hold up better while they are being swung over longer distances at higher speeds.
  • Swing Mechanics: If you have a strong grip on your club or you tend to sweat a lot, then you may need to replace your golf grips more often than other golfers do because they are subject to wearing out faster due to use.
  • Personal Preference: Some golfers like thicker or thinner grips than others depending on their hand size, palm width and finger length. The same goes for the texture of the grips since everyone prefers a different feel in their hands as well as different levels of tackiness as far as how much moisture is absorbed by the material itself. Learn the complete guide on how to polish golf clubs

How to Regrip a Golf Club

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money or go through the hassle of finding a golf shop that offers re-gripping services, it’s possible to regrip your own golf clubs. As long as you have all the right materials, it really isn’t too difficult.

Here’s how:

  • To regrip your golf club, you will need a straight blade or utility knife, and something to secure the club against. Start by stroking the blade away from you and making sure you do not apply too much pressure.
  • Be careful to follow the contours of the grip as you slice it off. Once again, don’t exert too much pressure.
  • Work your way around the grip until it is no longer attached to the shaft of the club. At this point, remove all traces of old adhesive with a piece of sandpaper or white spirit.
  • Apply grip solvent to both ends and leave it to dry for a few seconds before applying another layer of solvent to just one end this time.
  • Place one end of the golf club’s shaft into a vice or clamp that is secured on a table surface or bench at waist height. This will ensure your hands are free to work on the other end without causing any damage to yourself or your surroundings and also keep it in place while you put on the new grip.
  • Take your new grip and make sure that it fits correctly onto the shaft of your club. Make sure it’s round and firm before applying any solvent-based adhesive.
  • Before you use a regripped golf club, let it dry for a few hours or overnight.
  • For more detailed information on how to regrip your own golf clubs, watch this video tutorial.

Final Thoughts – How Much Does It Cost To Regrip Golf Clubs

A good way to decide whether to regrip your clubs yourself or take them to a pro is to determine what features you need your clubs to have. Do you want the clubs to be grip-like, or do you want something that feels especially good in your hands? If you want a grip-like club, then it’s probably a good idea for you to regrip the clubs yourself so that you don’t spend too much money on them. You may check out the guide on How To Sharpen Golf Club Grooves

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