13 Best Golf Irons Ever (2022) – An Ultimate Guiding Review

13 Best Golf Irons Ever (2022) - An Ultimate Guiding Review

There’s nothing better than a great way to end a day at the golfing range! The golf season is upon us and as you hone your skills, you might find it hard to find the best golf irons Ever for your game.

Just like any other sport, golf has also become mechanical and technical to an extent. With each new advance in technology, we see golfers using ever-more advanced equipment to improve their performance.

This has led to an increase in demand for golf gear that can offer the latest upgrades and performance modifications.

Irons are the most essential component of your golf equipment. Irons help you to control the distance and direction of the ball. You can use other kinds of clubs for short-distance shots. But irons allow you to hit the ball further than other types of golf clubs.

Irons come in all shapes, sizes, vary in design and technology, and thus differ in features and performance. Some golfers prefer to use a single iron; others like to use a full set of irons.

Irons for beginners should be lower to mid handicap players. So it is important that you select an iron that is appropriate for your level of play. You may check out the guide on the best Callaway irons

What are the best golf irons?

The answer depends on many factors such as what you need from an iron, your income, intended use, skill level, and swing speed.

Fear not as we’ve compiled a list of 13 Best Golf Irons Ever sets that will meet your needs and increase your distance and accuracy.

In this article we’ll look at what Golfers should be looking for when choosing a new set of clubs.

Here is a list of the top rated golf irons.

1. TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons

TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons


TaylorMade’s new SIM MAX Irons are here to take your game to the next level of performance and precision.

When an iron delivers both distance and feel, it’s hard to beat. These best irons of all time offer the perfect combination of forgiveness and performance which makes them equally popular among advanced and beginning golfers.

The new Speed Bridge Design supports the clubface’s perimeter more effectively than its predecessors.

This strategic support unlocks explosive distance and forgiveness, improving sound and feel. TaylorMade’s research shows that the larger the bridge, the faster people swing.

The increased speed helps golfers hit it longer without sacrificing control or feel. The new Speed Bridge design allows the energy created at impact to transfer efficiently into the ball, generating more speed on every shot.

TaylorMade’s new ECHO Damping System is the next evolution in sound and feel. The system strategically places high-tensile steel material in key locations to provide unmatched vibration dampening performance.

A smoother transition from the sole to the clubface creates less drag. So clubhead speed is faster through the impact zone.

The engineers at TaylorMade have come up with another great product for the avid golfer. The TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons provide increased distance for those who want more power on their shots.

The head of these best rated golf clubs are very compact and also feature a larger sweet spot than most irons in the market today.

The clubs come with the Speed Pocket which is an area around the centre of the clubface. It makes the face more flexible so when you hit the sweet spot you get more speed and better ball control.

TaylorMade’s new SIM MAX Irons are the most technologically advanced irons for a decade. With a thinning of their face design, by 1. 5 millimetres, to make the world’s thinnest iron face. This new ultra-thin face design, with Progressive Inverted Cone Technology, promotes a larger sweet spot for more distance.

The longer you play, the better you will become and with these irons, you can see your improvement.

These new TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons maximize distance and forgiveness for mid to high handicap golfers. The maximum face thickness on each iron provides a longer, more penetrating ball flight with maximum forgiveness.

TaylorMade’s Inverted Cone Technology (ICT) has been specifically positioned on each iron face to both increase the sweet spot and minimize side spin on mishits promoting a straighter ball flight.

The nickel chrome plated, 360 degree Cup Face maximizes speed on impact promoting more distance from each iron. A new progressive hosel design delivers a consistent swing weight across the set for optimum trajectory and more control.

The performance of this club is unbelievable. Since I have been using it I have been hitting my irons so much better and farther! It makes me want to go out again and again.

  • Great distance
  • For shorter players
  • Feel like you are hitting it on the center of the club
  • Provides great spin
  • Decreases backspin and sidewall spin
  • May not be forgiving enough for mid handicap golfers
  • They’re heavier than graphite irons
  • If you’re looking for irons that are easy to hit, these may not be the iron for you.


2. Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Iron Set

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Iron Set

The Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Iron Set is one of the best selling irons of the year. Callaway invested in AI to be able to create these irons. The flash face cup has been integrated with the Mavrik Iron.

This gives it a sophisticated look and has the ability to increase ball speed thanks to the thinner edge and the thicker circular cup by the center.

Mavrik is a complete iron set that delivers maximum distance with accuracy and forgiveness. It features 360° Face Cup Technology that delivers face flex, then releases at impact- providing maximum ball speeds across the entire face.

The new Mavrik irons incorporate the larger face architecture. It is specifically built to deliver more ball speed and increased spin with every iron in the bag. The face shape of the club also increases air flow over the surface at impact to improve clubhead speed.

This face architecture is then combined with a new face thickness that is optimized for each individual loft through advanced modeling software that optimizes both speed and spin across the entire set.

The new Mavrik irons are also equipped with a cast urethane elastomer insert in the toe to increase sound and feel, along with counter-sinking technology in the sole to better align the center of gravity with impact to improve launch conditions for higher ball flight.

The Mavrik irons are the golf clubs that are designed for the game of today. The Callaway engineers have designed the Mavrik irons to be more forgiving than their competitors while still providing incredible feel and feedback.

The Flash Face Cup is a result of the company’s patented “Controlled Face Expansion” technology. This technology guarantees high levels of ball speed, distance and control.

The weighting system of the Mavrik irons has been completely redesigned in order to provide an excellent forgiveness level to these golf clubs. The weights that are placed in each iron are made from tungsten, which has been known to be one of the densest materials on Earth.

These tungsten-infused weights allow Callaway engineers to place the CG (Center of Gravity) in each iron at a specific location while maintaining ball speed (which results in higher distances) and control (which results in more forgiveness).

The three-dimensional design of the inner cavity was also redesigned to allow an exceptional weight distribution among all irons in order to provide better performance to these golf clubs.

Callaway’s new Mavrik Iron set is the first to feature a urethane microsphere polymer in the cavity, which absorbs unwanted vibration for pure feel, while maximizing COR for incredible ball speed.

The urethane microspheres are strategically placed at the sole, crown and hosel to reduce unwanted vibration throughout the set. Mavrik Golf has tested their new set with professional golfers around the world including Adam Scott, Hunter Mahan, Matt Kuchar.

The new Mavrik Irons have been designed to deliver optimum launch and ball flight for any type of golfer. You may read also best low compression golf balls

The irons have a deep undercut cavity that helps increase COR for faster ball speeds across all club faces, an extremely hot face that will generate high, penetrating ball flights and an extremely thin top line that optimizes the dynamic loft of each iron to provide consistent attack angle through impact.

  • It has a large sweet spot, minimized vibration, and great ball speed
  • Offer a large sweet spot
  • high ball speed
  • This set of irons features a large head
  • Expensive


3. TaylorMade Golf P790 Iron Set

TaylorMade Golf P790 Iron Set

The P790 irons by TaylorMade are superb. These Best Golf Irons Ever can offer you the feel of a game-improvement iron, but with the performance of a blade. It looks like a blade, but functions like an iron that’s game-improvement.

The P790s are also available in many different lofts, which is rare to find in most other companies’ products. The P790 irons are popular for their outstanding level of performance and versatility.

They have a hollow body forged construction which gives them a great look and feel. They also feature TaylorMade’s SpeedFoam that is lightweight and provides forgiveness on off center hits. The SpeedFoam is a material that helps in producing very high speed and stability.

This unique design offers the ultimate playability for golfers of all abilities. The TaylorMade Golf P790 Irons also has a forged face using the 4140 Carbon Steel.

They have been classically designed such that it is suitable for all levels of players. It offers a slightly offset hosel to provide you with better aim without having to be overly offset for it to be easy to hit the ball at the center.

It also has sole that is wider by 1/2″ compared to its predecessors, which allows you to have better control over your shots.

The TaylorMade Golf P800 Irons are slightly larger than their predecessors so you can have more flexibility while swinging them.

TaylorMade Golf P790 Irons has a very high Moment of Inertia (MOI) so that you can have higher swing speeds without having to worry about losing distance on your shots.

These most forgiving irons are a pretty hot seller. It’s a mid-game iron set that is favored by professional golfers as well as beginners. It has a low profile tungsten weighting that is responsible for a low and deep center of gravity that allows users to find a higher launch.

In terms of design, the TaylorMade P790 irons have been there for many years now, but it still does its job well.

The head of the iron is slightly smaller than usual but it still maintains a good distance from the ball.  It is also equipped with a groove known as “Speed Pocket” which increases the speed of the ball upon impact.

If you have plans of buying the updated P790 iron set, might as well go for the oldest version because there are only a few changes.  The size of the toe area has been made bigger while maintaining an overall length of 6 inches. TaylorMade has also changed its color to charcoal gray instead of black.

When you purchase this iron set, you can get an improved performance that will aid in making your game better.  It’s also worth mentioning that the price of this iron set is quite affordable considering its quality and capabilities.

  • Extreme lightweight
  • Boost on the face speed, and enhanced durability
  • Additional durability
  • This is a golf club that’s made with a smaller sweet spot


4. Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Iron Set


Cleveland Golf Men's Launcher HB Iron Set

The Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Iron Set features a precisely crafted design that greatly assists golfers who own slower swing speeds with shots that are straight and easy. These irons, if used regularly, are also said to be quite consistent.

Its design enables it to help you get straighter shots with less effort, and if you use it regularly, you’ll make friends easily with your new buddies on the golf course.

You can personalize your set with shafts in both steel and graphite. Flexible customization makes it possible for players of just about any age to get into the game.

Maintaining the classic look of Cleveland Golf irons, the Launcher HB Iron Set makes use of a fully hollow construction that maximizes forgiveness on these clubs. Its stability and great feel make it a favorite among golfers.

The set offers a new design that is made to get the center of gravity low and deep. It also gets it closer to the face which allows for more control.

These irons also have a nice high moment of inertia that provides for greater forgiveness on off-center hits. This set has a nice high ball speed that makes it easier to hit the ball straight.

If you are looking for an iron set that will have great stability once it comes in contact with the ball. This is the best one for you. The graphite, making your swing much easier when hitting the ball, allowing it to travel farther when in contact with the ball.

Next, it has a large sweet spot to minimize mistakes when you’re still learning golf. It also has high-strength steel inserts to ensure fast ball speeds. And finally, the irons have been integrated with high-strength steel inserts to help you get fast ball speeds.

This new golf club from Cleveland is cheaper than some of the other clubs on the market right now, but it still offers a very solid performance. It gives you more accuracy and control while you’re hitting your ball.

  • These irons feature a low center of gravity that leads to faster ball speed
  • These irons are really fast
  • They have a low center of gravity which helps them get to the ball extremely quickly. That makes them a very forgiving club
  • For most golfers, this set is too expensive


5. Callaway Golf Men’s Big Bertha Irons Set


Callaway Golf Men’s Big Bertha Irons Set

There are a lot of golf irons on the market, and a lot of them have a ton of technology in them, but there is one new technology you will not find in any other iron on the market: 360 Face Cup technology.

The patent-pending 360 Face Cup design puts the weight low and deep in the clubhead for maximum forgiveness and control. A larger and deeper face of Callaway, combined with an open cavity behind the face that works with the larger and deeper face to create more ball speed and long-distance.

This patented design also has a larger back cavity and thicker top line to increase MOI (or Moment of Inertia) for better forgiveness and control. The bottom line is that you get more ball speed on off-center hits and higher launch on shots hit closer to center than ever before.

And you do not need to sacrifice workability because Callaway engineers also added a smaller profile, so you can work it both ways from anywhere on the fairway or tee.

The combination of these technologies makes the Big Bertha Irons Set incredibly easy to hit while giving you more distance than anything else on the market.

Power, control and precision. If those are the things you’re after, these irons are for you. A truly sophisticated large cavity back construction maximizes forgiveness on off-center hits, while a progressive design gives you a variety of options to cover any shot on the course.

Callaway Golf Men’s Big Bertha Irons Set is a set of irons that make the game easy and fun. The hollow body construction and lofted design help beginners hit the ball farther and straighter, and more experienced players stay on target.

You’ll find that these Callaway irons deliver a lighter, smoother-feeling swing. The long irons have wide soles for added confidence while the shorter irons traditionally have narrower soles for more precision.

Whatever type of club you’re hitting, you’ll discover these Callaways are accurate, forgiving, and easy to hit.

If you’re after more distance, replace your long irons with new Big Bertha Hybrids. These adjustable hybrids are long and you can tune them to 8 different settings with the Optifit hosel.

  • These irons set a new standard in distance and forgiveness
  • These clubs will help you move the ball where you want it to go and stop it where you want it to stop
  • Clubface is small


6. TaylorMade Golf M2 Iron Set

The TaylorMade Golf M2 irons are the best from the TaylorMade family. They make a great option for even those shoppers who are particular about their golf irons.

Taylormade Golf M2 irons are all about forgiveness, pure and simple. What it means is that you can optimize your shots by getting the best possible launch conditions for each one. Each of the irons in this set has its own unique design.

The M2 continues the legacy of quality and perfection that started with the previous Irons, and improves upon it—enhancing performance and making it more enjoyable for players of all levels.

These Best Golf Irons Ever designed with mid-handicappers in mind, the M2 has been integrated with a Speed Pocket that helps you maximize the speed of your shots. It will impart great ball speed on lower-face strikes, and it’ll still launch your shots high.

The M2 is a distance iron that offers precision and easy-to-launch consistency. It’s large enough to encourage confident shots, but small enough to play with ease and control. It’s the most forgiving and playable iron in the TaylorMade Golf M2 Iron Set. You can customize it to perform like a blade or a distance iron, depending on your playing style.

In this M2 iron set, TaylorMade has made some technology updates from previous models. They have included a speed pocket in the sole of each iron head to ensure a higher ball flight. And the centre of gravity moved up to create more forgiveness.

  • If you’re a mid-handicapper and want high trajectory and good ball speed, this is good for you
  • Designed for players with slower swing speed
  • The biggest downside to the M2 is the transition of adjusting from a slotted to a non-slotted iron


7. TaylorMade Golf P760 Men’s Iron Set – Best Golf Irons Ever

TaylorMade Golf P760 Men's Iron Set - Best Golf Irons Ever

This iron will give you the most precise results. The TaylorMade P760 Men’s Iron Set is one of the best-forged irons that you will ever come across. Not only that but it is one of the most useful and appreciated golf clubs and also one of the most important golf pieces of equipment ever manufactured and used by professional and amateur golf players alike.

The TaylorMade P760 irons are one of the most popular sets on the market. From pros to amateurs, these irons gained popularity for their close distances and forgiving nature. It’s ideal for golfers that have a desire to improve their game, and who want a high-quality tool to help them do it.

TaylorMade Golf has created the P760 to give high handicap players the feel they’ve always wanted. It includes solid forged irons using SpeedFoam technology. The irons reduce vibration and improve your swing speed, giving you more control over each shot.

By blending the latest materials with time-tested technology, TaylorMade has created an Iron that delivers speed as well as accuracy to the golf course.

This set constructed from lightweight 1025 carbon steel and a newly developed material, which help propel your shots with enhanced speed and precision.

The TaylorMade P760 irons are a new line of clubs from the company. Though it may look like an advanced club, it offers great distance. The design looks a bit intimidating but is very easy to use. The club face is narrow and the leading edge is more rounded than on some other clubs. The sole is also narrower than most irons, which helps with control.

The shaft may feel a little stiff, but it offers consistency. It is a good choice for beginners and pros alike. It might be shorter than average, but this is done to give you more control on your shots.

  • This iron set provides extra distance, great feel and minimized vibration
  • Super light and thin graphite shafts give the irons a great, solid feel
  • Shorter than other clubs, but easier to hit


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8. Callaway Golf 2020 Rogue X Iron Sets and Combo Sets

Callaway Golf 2020 Rogue X Iron Sets and Combo Sets

The new Rogue X irons from Callaway Golf come with a number of features that will help players get more distance from each shot.

It features a lower CG for higher launch and more distance using less spin.

What makes 360 Face Cup unique is the combination of a larger sweet spot and our proprietary Variable Face Thickness technology. It allows us to increase ball speed across a much larger area of the face for faster distance, even on off-center hits. The new Rogue X sets deliver more ball speed across large areas of the face, which allow you to play with more confidence and control. They feature 360 Face Cup, variable face thickness (VFT) for more consistent feel and distance, and our new Tour-inspired T-Track system.

The Rogue X irons come in five different head designs (including three that are new), to help provide you with the optimal configuration for your game.

The Rogue X irons are the first in Callaway’s new line of products to feature MIM (Metal Injection Molding). MIM gives Callaway engineers the ability to produce the highest quality clubs at the lowest possible cost. They will also promote much more consistent ball speeds across the entire iron set due to their unique internal standing wave design.

This design creates a higher frequency, which will result in faster club head speed and more consistent ball flight.

The irons feature urethane microspheres for great feel without compromising COR and ball speed. They also provide increased forgiveness through the use of 430 steel forgings and CNC precision-milled grooves that are cut with Callaway’s Exacting Step Technology (ESP).

The Rogue X has a deep undercut cavity design that is soft, yet features an aggressive approach to help golfers get it close to the hole when the situation calls for it. The irons also feature a wide sole widths to ensure good turf interaction for good shots out of the rough.

The Callaway’s designers put countless hours into creating the best club sets possible. With the latest in rotation-limiting technology, these clubs stay in play longer and provide more distance on every swing. Made for players looking to hit it large without traditional hardships, the Callaway Rogue set will get you there faster than ever before.

Callaway’s new Rogue X irons feature an innovative combination of longer clubs, lighter weights and stronger lofts that the company says will help golfers hit the ball further than ever.

  • Designed with lighter weights, longer lengths, and stronger lofts
  • Callaway Golf’s Rogue irons help maximize ball speed and distance with a 360-degree cup face
  • These irons and sets are high-performance and high-quality
  • Expensive for most golfers


9. 2022 Cobra Golf Men’s King Forged Tec Iron Set


No matter how good your swing, your game will benefit from the performance of Cobra’s King Forged irons.

The forged 4140 stainless steel FACE is thinner and higher strength providing more flexibility to control shot shaping. The slanted sole design helps the club head speed across the face for increased distance.

A new aggressive face bevel combined with a new high density tungsten toe weighting system gives players help on off-center hits. Variable face thickness (VFT) technology allows engineers to optimize the sweet spot location resulting in high ball speeds for more distance.

The thin topline maximizes shot control by reducing the club’s profile at impact. The high-strength forged stainless steel body is lightweight, yet extremely durable. A new CNC milled tungsten toe weighting system provides precise CG placement to optimize launch conditions for more consistent distance gapping, while also reducing the overall club weight for extreme MOI (moment of inertia). King Forged Irons exude a smooth, sleek finish that eliminates glare to help you play your best.

The King Forged irons are Cobra’s most forgiving forged cavity back iron ever. The new milling process provides a larger unsupported face for faster ball speeds, giving players more distance without sacrificing forgiveness. This creates a larger sweet spot and allows for more forgiveness across the face. The King Forged Pro irons have a traditional shape that provides a high launch angle and maximum playability.

Carbon fiber has been used in golf clubs for years, but it’s always been in the shaft. A new technology from Cobra Golf uses carbon fiber throughout the clubhead, making the face 40% stiffer and the overall club 20% lighter.

The Cobra King Forged Iron set feels and looks great. I’ve never used a club with such a soft, solid feel. The shaft and clubhead move together. They enhance each other. So you get better results. It is not just at the impact that you experience this but all through the swing.

They designed the clubs with the latest technology to give you more confidence at address and at impact because of their appearance and feel.

I felt like I made better contact and had more control over my shots. I got more distance than with my old clubs because for each iron there was a perfect combination of weight placement and shaft flex. The shorter irons had a lighter head to give me the control needed for those short shots, but they also had a shaft that was stiff enough to help me hit them further down the fairway. I weighted the longer irons in the middle to give me the extra power needed to get those shots out there far from the tee box, but I still had a softer flex shaft to provide me with more control at impact.

They feature tungsten weighting in the heel and toe, thin toplines for more ball speed on center hits, and a re-engineered sole. No matter your handicap or physical build, the King Forged irons will dampen any excessive vibrations and deliver faster ball speeds for more distance.

The heads on the King Forged irons are not only thin but wide as well. The undercut cavity design of the Cobra Irons enlarges the sweet spot for more forgiveness, resulting in longer, straighter tee shots. The clubs also have a deep undercut behind the face that lowers the CG to make the clubs more forgiving. The Cobra iron employs a thin topline for optimal striking area and face height. This feature positions the hitting area low enough on the clubface to promote more ball speed, creating more ball distance.

A second design element that increases forgiveness is the addition of tungsten weighting. The back of each iron has two tungsten weights, positioned in the heel and toe areas to lower and center the CG at impact. This helps promote a higher launch angle, which minimizes turf interaction and increases distance with better carry consistency.

Cobra Connect technology-seamless in grip-electronic sensor technology allows you to Track your improvement using detailed stats and analysis of every aspect of your iron game.

Cobra Connect is seamless in grip, and will measure your swing speed, impact location, face angle at impact, distance of shots hit on each club, and accurate yardage to the pin.

  • These Cobra Golf irons come with a high quality forged face.
  • It has a high density tungsten weighting which lowers and centers the CG for increased
  • These irons are very durable, and they have a great feel.
  • Do not have the 2018 Cobra Golf Men’s King Forged Tec Black Iron Set with graphite shafts


10. Square Strike Irons – 7, 8, 9 Irons – Golf Iron Set for Men & Women

Square Strike Irons - 7, 8, 9 Irons - Golf Iron Set for Men & Women

The Square Strike designed these irons to maximize the distance of your drives, while still providing you with the forgiveness of a cavity back iron. Each of these irons maximizes speed and forgiveness while remaining easy to launch on centre hits.

Golfers who want to add length to their drives without sacrificing accuracy will find the answer in these Square Strike Irons from TaylorMade. The design of this iron set, which is available with either a steel or graphite shaft, makes it easy to hit long and straight shots.

The Square Strike Irons come with a set of 7, 8, and 9 irons. To provide further protection from damage, these irons have soft rubber sleeves.

These irons also designed with a square-back profile which promotes a straight-through, putter-like swing that enables golfers to rotate the club less and the clubface stays square to the target longer. Your ball flight will be more consistent and your distance control better with game-improvement irons than with traditional irons.

The Square Strike irons feature a unique weighting system to help golfers increase distance and accuracy on shots struck off-centre. The high-strength stainless steel shaft gives this club great distance with less effort, thus making it ideal for beginners.

With the Square Strike irons, you can be sure to never hit a fat shot again. With a beveled leading edge, these irons will glide smoothly along the turf and remain in the optimal hitting position. An extra-wide sole and gently curved front and back soles allow for a consistent and high-launch trajectory.

With more weight moved from the heel to the toe, the clubheads of these irons twist less when you strike the ball. This means when you hit the cue-ball in the centre, it stays straight much longer. The result? It’s much easier to strike the sweet spot and more forgiving on miss-hits. This results in a solid shot every time, even if your blade rotation is off.

  • These irons have a balanced, forgiving design that allows golfers to swing consistently and hit their ball with immense power.
  • The irons designed for those who can’t resist the urge to power through a ball, but don’t want to compromise on the feel and precision of forged iron.
  • This golf club set is designed for game improvement and moves the ball consistently
  • Expensive


11. TaylorMade Golf P790 Iron Set


The P790 offers an exciting alternative to the traditionally forged irons in the Taylormade Iron Set. TaylorMade designed these irons to help golfers achieve greater distance and control.

The P790 iron set is the easiest iron to hit for beginners, golfers who are struggling with their long game or professionals. The irons are soft enough to have a draw if you hit them softly but are firm enough to hold the green when you strike them solidly.

These are the best TaylorMade golf irons around! The sleek, streamlined design of these clubs can make your swing look like you’ve been playing for years. They put meticulous care into every club they make to give you the best experience possible. The smooth single-leverage clamp technology, the weight ports, and the variable top line are just some of the features that will take your game to the next level.

The company designed a golf club with a thin face and hollow body made of a material known as SpeedFoam. Such a combination of features made the club highly playable and very forgiving. Forging a face made from 4140 Carbon Steel that welded to an 8620 carbon steel cast made a high-quality club.

The P790 features TaylorMade’s SpeedFoam to help it fly off the face, and also dampen vibration for a forgiving game. The new P790 also has less offset than previous models.

This is a great new addition to their popular line of clubs. This club offers a hollow body construction & a low centre of gravity to make a better shot at the green.

  • They have a great feel that can generate great distances
  • SuperFoam technology makes them vibrate less, which helps with forgiveness
  • The technology also minimizes vibration, which makes it easy to hit these irons smoothly
  • Expensive


12. Callaway Golf 2019 Apex Irons Set

Callaway Golf 2019 Apex Irons Set

The 2019 Apex irons from Callaway Golf have a slightly different look than some of the earlier models, but their new material and design help them hit the ball even farther.

This is the most popular irons on the market, this is a tried and true iron. With advanced technologies and signature Callaway style, it’s a beautiful brand that is easy to use and fun to play around with.

The Apex 19 is a low to mid handicap forged distance iron set. Also, it makes golfers feel like they are playing better than they really do. If you’re low or mid handicapped you can use the Apex 19 irons and do well with them. Although high handicappers can still use this set to become better players.

These irons feature an innovative cup face design that improves perimeter weighting for more distance and forgiveness.

If you’re looking to hit the ball with more power and consistency, this is for you.

Callaway Golf has redesigned the Callaway Golf Apex 19 Iron Set with more of everything that you love. From the ultra-forgiving forged head to the softest feel of any iron in its family, it’s all there. This set is fantastic for players who want to play competitively without the eye-popping price tag of the Tour line.

Many golfers believe that the price of the Callaway Golf Apex 19 is justified. However, if you are looking for a game-changer, you might need to take some time mulling over the decision.

  • It offers great distance, is highly forgiving, and offers great feel
  • This set is a great option for golfers of all skill levels
  • Expensive


13. TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons

TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons

TaylorMade designed the TaylorMade SIM MAX irons by introducing a soft feel without sacrificing distance. This makes it a compact yet stable design for a wider range of golfers.

It’s easy to see why so many professional golfers rely on the SIM MAX Irons. They achieved the perfect combination of distance and feel, so advanced and average golfers can enjoy them too. Plus, the clubs are also crafted to match the needs of the average golfer.

In recent years TaylorMade and Callaway Golf have dominated the golfing industry. However, many believe that with the release of the SIM MAX Irons, TaylorMade has created a third contender for the most popular brand in the industry.

The M Series irons surprised many golfers, but the SimMax provides a classic look combined with advanced performance.

TaylorMade has worked tirelessly on refining its irons, and this TaylorMade SIM MAX is the result. New technologies such as Speed Bridge and Thru-Slot Speed Pocket can increase your performance without affecting your game.

TaylorMade’s SIM MAX irons, available in either steel or graphite shafts, feel like forged irons but deliver GAME-IMPROVEMENT performance attributes.

Higher trajectory and faster ball speeds help you hit longer, more accurate iron shots with confidence on off-centre contact.

  • TaylorMade provides a forged feel, which will better simulate the feel of iron swing of the ball
  • These irons are designed for most players
  • The Max OS isn’t forgiving enough for professional golfers to use in competition



We hope with this article we’ve made the process of choosing the Best Golf Irons ever, reading this article will surely help you to make your choice with all the information we’ve provided.

Choose the category of the best golf irons depending on your skill level and practice frequency, choose what makes the most sense for your needs. We wish you a good day, good luck and a good game with Best Golf Irons Ever.

Jose C. McClellan

I've been a golf expert and writer for as long as I can remember. Or at least as long as I can remember how to write. It all started when I was a kid: my dad was really into the sport, and he used to take me out to the driving range with him. The smell of the grass and the sound of hitting balls—it was like nothing else. It wasn't long before I was hitting drives that were nearly three times as long as his! My dad always told me that if I kept up my skills, I might be able to make a living off of it one day. And now here I am: writing articles about golf and sharing them online for y'all to read! I'm not going to lie: it's hard work. To come up with these articles, I have to play around on the driving range all day and then spend hours in a quiet place with only myself and my thoughts. But it's worth it—and while some days are better than others, writing is what makes me happiest.

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