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Best Callaway Irons in 2022 - Our Top 6 Tested Picks

You know that sinking feeling you get when you step onto the golf course with your new set of Callaway irons? You’ve got your brand-new irons, and you’re ready to take on the course, but that sinking feeling doesn’t go away. In fact, it gets worse. You start to question whether or not these are the best Callaway irons for you.

“These clubs are expensive,” you think. “I guess I should just stick with them.” You pull out an old set of clubs from your garage and give them a try. The sinking feeling goes away immediately, but then another thought occurs to you: “Why did I buy these clubs in the first place?”

If this sounds like something that’s happened to you before, don’t worry. We’re here to help. We’ll tell you everything we know about finding the right Callaway irons for your game so that you can finally have peace of mind on the course again.

My personal experience with Callaway irons began when I was in high school. My dad had been playing for years and had always talked about how great his Callaway irons were, but he never really got into details about them or how they worked. It wasn’t until I started playing myself that he told me what made them so good: they’re lightweight and easy to control.

I’d never played with anything like them before, and it took some getting used to, but after a few rounds of golf with my dad’s old set, I realized what all the hype was about. The clubs were light as a feather but still offered enough weight at the bottom of each iron so that they felt sturdy in my hands when striking down on the ball. Each strike was smoother than anything else I’d ever experienced; even when I missed completely and barely hit anything near the ball, it didn’t feel like it mattered much because everything felt so natural when swinging properly through each swing (and even when I didn’t hit it perfectly, the ball still flew pretty darn well).

In conclusion, I’d highly recommend giving golf a try if you’ve never played before,  especially with a nice set of Clubs like these golf irons.

Top rated and best Callaway irons

As golfers, we know that the game is about more than just hitting the ball. It’s about the feeling you get when you hit a shot perfectly, and it lands on the green and rolls right into the hole. It’s about knowing that you can do anything with the best golf equipment.

And when it comes to golf equipment, there’s nothing better than Callaway golf irons.

Whether you’re an amateur or a seasoned pro, there’s an iron in this lineup that will help you achieve your goals. From beginners looking for their first set of clubs to seasoned pros who need a new set of irons to take them to the next level, Callaway has something for everyone.

In this article, we will be outlining the best golf irons from Callaway.

1. Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Iron Set – Best Callaway Iron


Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Iron Set - Best Game

I want to feel like a pro when I’m on the golf course. And when I play with my Marvik Callaway Iron Set, that’s exactly what I do.

I’ve played with other irons sets before, but they never gave me the confidence and precision that these do. The shafts are light and easy to control and the heads are perfectly balanced, so much so that it feels like the ball is just going right where you want it to go.

I love how long this set can make my drives look. I don’t have to be a power player to get great distance, just have a little bit of finesse with my swing and BOOM. Off goes that ball across the fairway.

And when it comes down to getting in those greenside chips? The bounce on these clubs makes them so easy to control. No matter how hard or soft you hit the ball off the ground, it stays low and true until it lands in the perfect position for your next shot.

With Callaway Mavrik’s smart technology, you can experience a whole new world of forgiveness and distance. It sounds unbelievable, but when you hit this club, the ball goes long off-center and center shots go crazy distances.

The ball will go long distances with any Callaway Mavrik Max Irons, but Standard is especially consistent. Even when you play a bad swing and barely hit the center of your clubface right on impact (like when I swung just now.), that orange ball still flies over 220 yards.

If you’re looking for the best Callaway golf irons, look no further than this Callaway Mavrik Max.

The Flash Face Cup grooves promote ball speed and optimize launch angle and spin. The Mavrik’s higher loft also creates greater ball speed.

The feel and sound are also great. The crisp impact lets you know instantly that this is a club built for speed, even without the aid of a launch monitor or visual ball flight confirmation. It is one of the best Callaway irons, a masterpiece of perfect engineering.

Callaway Mavrik Irons are the best Callaway irons for beginners because it is easy to hit and has a great feel and sound. These are the best game improvement irons that promote ball speed and launch angle.


  • The flex-face technology leads to greater ball speeds.
  • This Callaway Mavrik Iron set is optimized for loft and spin
  • Low, precision CG positions result in greater ball speed and distance
  • Pure feel thanks to shock-absorbing urethane microspheres


  • Not as draw-biased as the Mavrik Max, so be ready for a few more fades and cuts
  • not very forgiving on off-center hits

2. Callaway Golf 2020 Rogue X Iron Set


Callaway Golf 2020 Rogue X Iron Set

You know that feeling when you hit the ball just right? It’s like a rush of adrenaline, and it lasts for just a few seconds. The Callaway Rogue X Iron Set is designed to give you that feeling every time you play.

The tungsten-weighted irons are built with VFT technology that lets you control how much the clubface flexes at impact, so you can hit the ball as hard or soft as you want. With CALLAWAY ROGUE irons, there’s no need to swing harder than necessary, you can make your shots work for you by controlling how much power they have behind them.

The clubface flexes at impact to increase ball speed, which makes it easier to hit farther with less effort. With this CALLAWAY ROGUE, you’ll also get more consistency in your shots with these clubs because they’re designed to absorb harsh vibrations and micro-sized air pockets that can cause inconsistent contact with the ball.

As a result, your shots will have more consistent spin and trajectory, so you can better predict where they’ll end up.

This matters because it means that the club can be customized to fit the player’s specific swing power – meaning that players of all levels could benefit from using these clubs.

They would also be extremely helpful for those who want to hit the ball farther with less effort. Additionally, this technology results in much more consistent contact with the ball, which leads to improved accuracy and predictability when playing golf.

It is also the best Callaway irons for seniors because it is the only CALLAWAY ROGUE club on the market that will not allow you to hook or slice a ball. With this technology, there is no need to worry about your swing, because this club will automatically do the hard work for you.


  • Pure tungsten weighting irons, easiest to hit.
  • The impact of a golfer’s clubface against the ball flexes to increase speed.
  • The flexibility of this CALLAWAY ROGUE clubface is also well-controlled by VFT technology.
  • Micro-sized air pockets absorb excess vibrations.
  • Maximise swing speed


  • Stronger lofts may not be best for golfers with no problems launching the ball.

3. Callaway Big Bertha B21 Golf Irons Set – Best Game Improvement Irons


Callaway Big Bertha B21 Golf Irons Set

You want a set of irons that will make your game better, but you don’t want to spend a fortune. You want to be able to swing freely and not worry about whether or not your clubs are going to break when you miss a shot. You want to be able to hit the ball long and straight, even on the days when you feel like you’re hitting everything crooked. And you want all of this without having to give up any of the benefits of owning top-of-the-line clubs: weighting, distance control, and forgiveness.

The Callaway Big Bertha Irons Set is your answer. It’s been designed with all of these needs in mind and at an incredible price point. The clubs have been specially weighted and engineered for maximum distance control and forgiveness in every shot, while still giving you plenty of power behind each one. This means that even if you’re off by just a little bit with your aim, it won’t matter, you’ll still get impressive results.

These Big Bertha B21 Irons are so forgiving, they’ll make you want to play them all day long.

Big Bertha irons set is the best Callaway irons for high handicappers which feature urethane microspheres that reduce vibration and increase forgiveness, making every shot feel more solid. They also have an A.I.-designed Flash Face Cup that helps golfers of all abilities make better contact with the ball and hit it farther.

The tungsten weighting and wide sole on these irons make it easier to get the ball high and with more consistency.

You could be the most severe slicer, but with this champion of a club in your hands you can expect that ball flight to stay straight as an arrow. Even slices will fade at best.

The Big Bertha irons set’s low spin also contributes to its impressive straightness, meaning even if you have a slight tendency to draw, you can expect no power hooks or slices with this Big Bertha B21 iron.

This is also one of the best Callaway irons for mid handicap golfers, as it’s forgiving enough to help you out of a couple of bad shots but still gives you plenty of control over your game.


  • Big Bertha B21 Irons have maximum Forgiveness and High Launch
  • Urethane microspheres absorb vibration for a more delicate feel
  • The cup face of Big Bertha B21 iron is designed to enhance ball speed.
  • The offset of the head is designed to promote straighter ball flight
  • The addition of tungsten to every iron makes it very forgiving.


  • The thick topline may cause the player a slight misstep in their address


4. Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Pro Individual Iron


Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Pro Individual Iron

Every golfer wants to play their best. They want to be able to hit the ball with the confidence and assurance that they can make it happen, no matter the situation. This is exactly what Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Pro Individual Iron is designed for perfect, solid shots every time.

The 2020 Mavrik Pro combines a perfectly compact shape and size with a thinner face, giving you more contact area for better control of your shot. The thinner design also means less offset than other players’ irons, which makes it the perfect game improvement iron for serious golfers who want to improve their game.

The 2020 Mavrik Pro is made from urethane microspheres that go into the clubface, making even mis-hits feel solid. This helps keep the ball on its intended flight path without any unwanted spin or backspin affecting how it lands on the green or fairway.

The clubhead is also speed boosted by 360 Face Cup technology and tungsten weighting in the sole of each iron. These features allow you to hit farther with each swing while still getting great distance control as well as consistency across all clubs in your set.

The Mavrik Pro is one of the newest and best Callaway irons on the market. It’s known for its high quality and performance benefits that help improve your game. If you’re serious about getting better at golf, then investing in a Mavrik Pro can definitely help take your game to the next level.


  • This iron has a perfectly compact shape/size.
  • It’s an excellent choice for a player who wants to focus on straight shots and low spins.
  • You’ll be able to make even mis-hits with this iron feel solid.
  • Tungsten weights add stability and forgiveness to any driver.


  • The Mavrik Pro has less forgiveness than the Standard or Max
  • Only best for skilled players


5. Callaway Golf 2021 Apex DCB Individual Iron


Callaway Golf 2021 Apex DCB Individual Iron

The Callaway Apex DCB Individual Iron is a game improvement iron, meaning it’s designed to help you hit the ball higher and straighter. It features Deep Cavity Back technology, which means that it has a deeper back cavity than typical irons, which increases ball speed and distance.

What I love about these irons is how easy they are to hit. With their wider soles, I can really get my right foot down and get into a solid stance with them. This helps give me more power on my swing, which is great for those long par 3s or the occasional hole-in-one.

Another feature that makes this set of long irons stand out is their urethane microspheres. They improve feel and sound by helping to dampen vibrations when striking the ball. This makes for a much more enjoyable experience on the course, one where you can really focus on enjoying yourself instead of worrying about how your golf game might be ruined by a bad shot.

So if you’re looking for the best Callaway irons set of irons that will perform well and help you hit the ball consistently, but also last a long time at an affordable price point, then I’d highly recommend this set of Callaway Apex. If you’re looking to improve your golf game, these Game Improvement Irons might be just what you need.


  • This Callaway Apex has a deep cavity back irons that give you more trajectory and higher ball flight.
  • This Callaway Apex speed-oriented game improvement technology is used with Face Flash.


  • Only for high handicap golfers


6. Callaway Golf 2021 Apex Iron Set – Best Callaway Forged Irons 


Callaway Golf 2021 Apex Iron Set

When you think about the perfect golf club, what do you picture?

Do you imagine a club that is lighter and easier to swing? A club that is going to enable you to launch the ball higher and farther? Or maybe a club that will help you improve your accuracy and consistency on the course?

If any of these things sound appealing to you, then this Callaway Apex Iron set might just be the perfect fit for your game.

The Callaway Golf 2021 Apex Iron Set is designed with all of these elements in mind. Forged irons are more consistent than cast irons and have been refined over time.

The Tungsten Energy Core helps increase forgiveness on off-center hits so that even if your timing isn’t perfect, your shot will still go where it needs to go.

And finally, the CG is precisely positioned to optimize the launch angle so that when you hit the golf ball with this iron set, it will get up in the air quickly, making it easy for you to get those shots close enough for par or birdie (if not better).

This iron set also has lots of ‘pop’ (in terms of feel and sound) of the clubface, which can make practice sessions more fun. You’ll also notice how well they’re designed to help you create solid ball contact; as well, a nice stable feel and good trajectory are easy to achieve with this club.

The bottom line is that this set of Apex irons should make it a lot easier for players of all skill levels to improve their performance on the course.


  • The forged iron set that makes everyone better
  • For a high-tech, reliable scope that won’t break your budget, look no further than the Tungsten series.
  • The Center of gravity of these Apex irons precisely positioned to provide maximum launch angle
  • The clubface produces a lot of sound and vibration when struck by the ball.


  • Its smaller sweet spot means it’s not for people who just started golfing


7. Callaway Golf 2021 Apex Pro Iron Set – Best For Low Handicappers


Callaway Golf 2021 Apex Pro Iron Set

When you’re a low-handicap golfer, there’s nothing more frustrating than having to deal with a set of clubs that just aren’t quite up to par.

You know what we mean: You’ve got the right iron for the shot you want, but your lie is too far off-center, or you have to hit down on the ball too much to get it where you want it to go. It’s enough to make your game suffer and leave you frustrated, especially when you’re trying to improve your game and play better.

That’s why we love Callaway Golf’s new line of Apex Pro irons. These forged irons feature a hollow-bodied design that helps reduce weight while maintaining forgiveness, and they’re designed specifically for low-handicap golfers who want a club that will help them play their best game.

The Apex Pro long irons also feature Callaway’s Tungsten Energy Core technology and a Flash Face Cup that promotes faster ball speeds and makes these irons easy on the eyes, too.

If you’re in the market for a new set of irons or already used Callaway Apex MB iron and are looking for something that will help you improve your game, we highly recommend giving the Callaway Apex Pro a try.


  • For low handicappers
  • Created with low-CG, high-launch Tungsten Energy Core
  • The urethane microspheres are designed to give the club a soft, ‘pure’ feel
  • Flash Face Cup technology designed by computer programs allows for even faster ball speed


  • Compared to Callaway Apex MB for golfers with scores in the single-digits
  • might not be good for high handicappers

What are the best Callaway irons for the money?

When you’re looking for the best Callaway irons for the money, your best bet is to go with a set that includes the Mavrik Pro Individual Iron. This is a great option because it’s made out of high-quality steel, which gives it a much softer feel and helps you hit more accurate shots.

Another option is the Callaway Golf 2020 Rogue X Iron Set, which makes it ideal for beginners who want to start playing right away. It also has a beautiful design that will make it look great in your golf bag. You may read also the guide on the best golf irons ever

Choosing Callaway Irons – What to Keep In Mind

The Callaway Golf Company is famous for making the best Callaway clubs of all kinds, from wedges and putters to drivers. However, one of the biggest categories in their store is irons. Choosing a good set of golf irons can be difficult, but we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll walk you through some of the factors to consider when purchasing a new set of Callaway irons.

Type of Iron – Forged vs. Cast

The first thing to know is that there are two types of iron heads: forged iron and cast. The difference between them is in how they’re created.

Forged irons are made by heating a piece of metal until it’s red hot, then hitting it with a hammer to form it into the desired shape. They tend to be more durable than cast irons and have tighter grain patterns in their faces, which can help make shots go straighter or shorter depending on what you need from your shot.

On the other hand, cast golf irons are formed by pouring molten metal into molds made of sand or another substance (you might have seen this being done if you’ve ever visited a foundry). Cast irons aren’t as high-quality as forged because they often have large areas where grains don’t quite match up properly, these defects can cause problems for golfers trying to hit accurate shots from long distances away from their target destination point.

Clubhead Shape – Cavity Back vs. Blade

The first thing to consider when choosing a set of irons is the clubhead shape. Here, there are two main categories: cavity back and blade. Cavity back irons have a hollowed-out cavity behind the face that allows more weight to be moved to the perimeter of the clubhead. This design is more forgiving irons than blade irons designs and therefore produces lower scores for golfers who aren’t as consistent with their swing technique or aren’t able to hit straight shots consistently. However, since this forgiveness comes from added weight around the perimeter of each club, it also reduces the distance off of each strike (and therefore increases difficulty).

Blade irons, by contrast, have no such hollows behind their faces, instead, they’re built as solid forged pieces all throughout with minimal weight moved anywhere on the outside of their soles or soles-to-heels (rear ends).

Since there’s less bulk at any one point in these clubs’ profiles than there would be in cavities between them, they tend to be harder to hit but longer off every shot struck well enough. You may read the ultimate guide on the best game improvement irons of all time

Shaft Material – Graphite vs. Steel

The next thing to consider is the shaft material. The majority of traditional irons on the market today are made with graphite, but there are still some that are made from steel.

Shafts made from graphite allow for a lightweight club head and more flexibility, which can help you get a better feel for your shots. These clubs will also cost more than their steel counterparts and they’re somewhat less durable in comparison, so if you’re planning on playing very frequently or hitting some really solid shots (and potentially damaging your iron), it’s best to opt for something that’s been built with steel instead.

Center of Gravity – Deep vs. Shallow

Deep center of gravity: If you tend to hit the ball low and straight, a club with a deep center of gravity will be your best choice. Deep CG irons are also good for golfers who have a steep angle of attack (the angle between their clubhead and the ground) or slow swing speed.

Shallow center of gravity: For golfers who tend to hit the golf ball high and to right, shallow CG irons would be preferable. Shallow CBS is also helpful for golfers who have an upright lie angle or fast swing speed.

Match Your Swing to The Right Callaway Iron

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to choosing a new set of irons. Different players are going to need golf clubs that are designed differently, and there are a wide variety of factors that play into this decision. If you’re unsure where to start when looking at Callaway’s lineup of iron sets, here are some helpful pointers:

  • Match your swing type with the right club design. For example, if you have a steep downswing (meaning your shaft angle decreases as the clubhead is coming down), look for irons that have more loft than their counterparts. The opposite would be true for someone with an upright shot; in that case, they should look for less loft than other options have.
  • Consider how long it takes you to make contact with the ball when making selections from Callaway’s lineups of irons. You’ll want lighter clubs if your swing speed is high and vice versa; however, don’t sacrifice quality just because something may not be “heavy enough.”
  • Choose an iron set based on its weight distribution ratio, not necessarily just by its overall weight when comparing two different models side by side at first glance. One could say something might appear lighter simply because it has less material put into creating those clubs versus another model which might actually weigh more but feel lighter thanks to its better balance throughout each individual piece within its construction process (i.e., having more material concentrated into certain areas rather than spread evenly across all sides).


The best Callaway iron is the one that can help you improve your game. If you’re a beginner and looking for a way to get started, or if you’re an experienced player who wants to get even better, these irons will be able to help you achieve your goals. The Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Iron Set

are a great choice for beginners because they have a forgiving design that will allow you to hit the golf ball without worrying about slicing or hooking it.

The Callaway Apex irons Pro Forged are great for players who want more control over their shots, as they have a thinner face and higher bounce which makes them easier to hit straight but more difficult to hit high. Whether you’re just starting out or have years of experience under your belt, there’s iron out there for everyone.

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